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Monday, October 17, 2011

Door update And Minnie F. Flylady for Dollhouses

I don't know - I learned a rule from my mother when learning to sew. Make the 3rd mistake, then stop!

So the finishing the door idea to see if I can really successfully fix this house might have been too strenuous. 

I don't know how many people know Flylady? Flylady is a support website/youtube channel/webcast resource for those of us who need support getting through our lives with our shoes on . Her motto - "You don't have to catch up, just jump in where you are", gets me through some rough self deprecating sessions.
So I'm thinking we need a mini-Flylady for dollhouse construction.

Minnie F. Flylady is working on Mottos- See what you think

 Dollhouses are for fun. Don't make them work.Or torture yourself when your work really, really looks bad.

Every dollhouse doesn't have to live on past your lifetime. Some of them need to die to make room for new dollhouses.

Okay- too silly.

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