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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Suspension of Disbelief

I have always disliked fantasy books and movies. And even as a child, those movies and tv shows with talking animals! In the words of my teenage niece- that's just wrong! I also have a bias against broccoli or pineapple on pizza, but that is another story. 

My 28 year old son, who is a photographer, saw the Josiah Gammage house when he came home for the holiday. H e's generally hypercritical, but has  learned a bit of tact at William and Mary where he is studying to be a school psychologist. He first said, "I'm trying to decide if it should be another color", which got me thinking. and then, "How do they get to the basement from upstairs?" Well of course I had talked myself into jut having an outside entrance to the basement, but what was I thinking? I have the kitchen down there now! So now I have to cut a hole from upstairs in the hall to the kitchen. I tried with my Dremel Trio- which I have recently started liking better but can't control well, but it was too big . Back to the drawing board!

I forgot to ask my son how he feels about talking animal movies.

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