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Monday, January 2, 2012

Mid day update

I just watched the movie - I think it is called Julie and Julia- about a woman who cooks her way through Julia Child's cookbook, and blogs daily. What would be the miniature equivalent? 

The rooming house is only quarter scale in name  I think, but we'll see the finished dimensions later. I've been challenged on both projects by my messy work- and it is even more challenging when smaller, because every gunk of paint is , in scale, at least as big as my paper model's hand. Yes, I made a little cut out the size of a tall adult, to give myself a sense of how tall things should be. I did make the ceilings extremely high on purpose, for the rooming house is a victorian mansion transformed to meet heating costs! 

I've built the house in separate pieces to, give me access to decorate. There are three levels , plus a loft level and a tower room . At first the tower was separate, but I've joined it already -a little challenging, but the end result is okay. 

This is the first floor. I'm hoping to get it ready to glue to the 2nd floor today. My plan is to decorate the exterior after it is all joined, unless someone tells me a different strategy! 

This app keeps crashing when I load pics, I'm going to switch to add pictures

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