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Monday, January 23, 2012

Secret Progress

I've been working away at a few of my favorite ideas for Gammage House. But I haven't wanted to show them because they are still too rough.

I just remembered that Persis and Julia have made an appearance, but not Althea. Althea is the middle sister. Free spirited Persis and Julia, the epitome of proper, both rely on mousy Althea. She's having leg surgery right now, as the sawdust made its way out of the splits in her legs! I'm trying to figure out too how to make more period appropriate clothing without removing her original clothes.

I've got my eye on another doll , who may become Aunt Augusta. If she comes to live at Gammage House, we may have to do some room adjustment.

It looks as though Althea is participating in the construction of the Doolin Inn. Sort of half scale meets sort of quarter scale!

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