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Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have a new follower! She has great little doll she is dressing, and you can see this at her blog at .

 Thanks to those who have followed a very fledgling blog. I have such fun following blogs- and I am a loyal follower of anyone making a Picket Hill by Suzanne and Andrew ( link to Picket Hill is ) I LOVE this house. It is funny because it seemed so expensive to buy , so I decided to do scratch building, but both of my current houses in progress have ended up costing much more than the original price of the Picket Hill House.

My very first follower, and only commenter is building a Picket Hill , Sandra at, is building a Picket Hill, and has completed much of the furniture, which I completely covet. And she does it all with LONG GROOMED NAILS! Before you think I am making fun, I want you to know that just like the Picket Hill House , I have always coveted groomed nails. I have to keep mine short for fiddle playing (at least the left hand) , and started keeping them short to play the piano at the age of 10. I bite them, use them as tools and pick at things with them until they have grooves in them. I  feel like I have to hide them at professional meetings.

Sandra's  work shows the same neat appearance.  I'm working on the neatness, but not the nails.

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