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Saturday, February 11, 2012

More house color choices

I went to images to deliberately find very different color schemes. As in not green and brick. I wonder if that color scheme is really as prevalent as it seems on Google images. The 2nd thing this exercise brought about was the realization of how far I have to go on the inn in terms of gingerbread. I suppose I could pretend that Max took it off, but I really secretly like the over the top houses.

Is that pink, or coral?

Mostly white.

A different green.

And here I go again with the green and brick. I'm thinking I like it because it downplays the ornate features.

I like the garages underneath on the row of houses.

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  1. Jennifer I LOVE the gingerbread houses! In fact I love most of the colours - isn't it hard to choose one for your own house? Thank you for following my blog - it means that I in turn have found your lovely blog and I can see that there is lots to catch up on!


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