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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rhode island Historic Society vs Poplar Forest

Is there any chance that Historic Societies share information ? When I was in Providence, playing with some research about Izannah Walker and her friend , Emeline Whipple, I joined the Rhode Island Historic Society. Now I'm getting lots of mailings from Virginia Historic Sites. You would think that with so many places within easy driving distance , I would choose a character from Virginia to research, and have Gammage House set in Virginia. I think my fascination is due to gaining brand new information and also because I haven't found a character I'm as interested in as Izannah. I am thinking about Anne Spencer , a poet from Lynchburg Va, where I live, but think quite a bit has been done.

Darn, just as I was about to takeaway picture, I threw coffee everywhere, including on the brand new Rhode Island History magazine. Sometimes things just fly out of my hands!

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