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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I loved getting the comment in Spanish from Rosamargarita. Welcome! I translated every word individually using the Spanish to English app on my IPhone - and had a very good time doing it! Does anyone know of a way to add translation capabilities in Blogger, so that other people can read comments with less time investment?

One of the things I love about blogging is the way it pulls people together. I find it exciting and reassuring that all over the world people have interest in dolls , miniatures and history . Irish music is also a common denominator among nations - if you go on an Irish music site like The Session, you will find that there are fiddlers, guitar players , flute players and bodrhan bangers who play Irish Traditional Music all over the world. I play Irish fiddle, and have met people who also play who are from a number of Europian countries - Germany, Holland , Belgium . Even a fiddle player from Japan!

Predictive text just had a heyday with bodrhan, which if you don't know , is the name of a percussion ( I guess) instrument which is mostly annoying until you hear a master play.

I have always wanted to learn other languages. I visited Miami about 5 years ago, and was horrified to find that even the small children knew more than one language - some of them 3 languages, and that I only knew one. I know English really well, but still....! I think I will begin my Spanish study again.

I'm pretty sure that Julia has a friend named Rosamargarita who will appear later in the story. Maybe much later, because it will tough to find a 3 inch doll with dark hair and eyes- I may end up making her!

You might think having a friend from a Spanish speaking country is a stretch for a person living in Providence in 1885, but one of the things I learned on my trips to research Izannah Walker dolls in Rhode Island was how common travel around the world was for the men who whaled and and built ships , and even for their wives and families.

Please comment in whatever language you speak!


  1. Hola Julia! Es una alegría enorme saber que me "lees" GRACIAS, yo comprendo el Inglés (a medias) es muy grato saber que más allá de las distancias nos une el cariño a las miniaturas... gracias por el esfuerzo de leerme con el traductor:)
    Tocas una pandereta?
    Con tu permiso, voy a invitar a mis contactos de blogger a visitar tu blog!
    Eres fabulosa;)
    Un abrazo desde Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

    1. Oh my goodness- I actually understand the last sentence, and yes please invite - whoops maybe I don't get the last part, but I will! Translating, translating and will reply later. Don't cheat and tell me! Jennifer B.

  2. Lo siento, te llamé "Julia"!
    Quise decir (I mean Jennifer)

  3. By the way... Rosamargarita has green eyes!
    Un abrazo

  4. Hello Jennifer,

    I'm your new follower. My dear friend Rosa Margarita recommended your blog to me. My language is Hebrew and I live in Israel. My posts are in English. Not many readers, interested in dollhouses, here in my country.
    I use Google Chrome for a browser to get translations. It is not accurate but better than nothing. You are welcome to check my blog,
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Hola Jennifer,soy Maria Ángeles (el bichillo), encantada de conocerte, me invitó a pasar por aquí Rosamargarita, y me ha gustado mucho ver tus trabajos, veo que te documentas mucho para hacer las cosas, enhorabuena, en cuanto a tu problema con las traducciones, tienes una herramienta en blogger para añadir un traductor a tu blog, prueba va muy bien o utiliza el translate de igoogle para traducir las paginas enteras, sólo tienes que poner la dirección de la URL y copiarla en el traductor, seleccionas los idiomas y listo, en fin espero que te sirva de algo, te espero por mi blog, y seguir viendo tus trabajos, saludos desde Andalucía en España.

  6. So funny- I'm making assumptions again. But she HAS to have dark hair ! I started working on her , but have got to figure out the best way to color the clay so it looks like the parian/stone bisque dolls.

  7. :) Rosamargarita HAS (really) dark hair!
    Un abrazo

  8. Hi Jennifer!!My dear friend Rosamargarita recommended your blog to me and I am now your new follower.I live in Asturias, North of Spain ,but I try to write in English.Google has a tool that can help you with the translations, looks above, to the right, in my blog...Visit it.Hugs Maria

  9. Jennifer, in Chrome: look at the top right hand corner and click the little spanner there, then click on 'options' then 'under the bonnet'. 4th down the page there is a box next to 'offer to translate pages that aren't in a language that I read' - tick that box, and then Chrome will offer to translate pages that aren't in English. It also offers an option to translate a certain language each time it appears the first time, so if you select that for eg Hebrew, then every time a page in Hebrew comes up, Chrome will automatically translate for you. Not well, sometimes very poorly, but you can get the gist of the message. Hugs, Sandie


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