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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The search for interior space and roughing out the story

My mom used to tell me about her "greatmares" , which were usually about finding more and more space in the house she was living in. Wonderful ballrooms, and multiple attics filled with wonderful treasures.

The original Houseworks shell had approximately 4 rooms. I've never figured out why the staircase hole was configured the way it is. When I started planning to redo the house, I realized that there was no way in the world that I could squeeze in the music room, map room, workshop, sewing room that I wanted in addition to the large kitchen  and three women's bedrooms. I was hoping to find a space for the Seamaster's bedroom, but he might need to sleep in the Map room. Here are the original spaces in the house (please forgive the renovation mess) .
On the right bottom is the parlor/music room. Up top is the prissy sister's room. One bedroom is in the attic, along with a small storage room and a nursery converted into a sewing room. 
On the left was originally the kitchen , but it just wasn't large enough when you put the staircase in the place designated (see to the left of the upstairs wall). So you'll see I added an addition onto the right side of the house . But it didn't stop there! 

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