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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Gammage sisters revolt

So the sisters seem to have gotten wind of the recent work stoppage on their house. Not happy! (and comments from my family as well since they seem to think that one dollhouse at a time is the gold standard.) Money for minis Is looking pretty slim this month after the $2000 for the dentist and the $95 for a new car battery in one day.

So time to at least introduce Julia ,the oldest Gammage sister. If you'll remember, Persis is the free spirited youngest , and the closest to being truly half scale. Julia is exceptionally tall . She would very much agree with my family about finishing one thing before starting another. Her room is a model of organization and beauty as well. Persis has never seen her in grubby clothes and jewelry. She does however need new boots. After dressing Persis, I'm marveling at the detail of her clothing! right now she is very unhappily surveying the mess outside the basement of Gammage house.

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