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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Multi tasking

Right now I seem to be so distractable that I have to hide loose projects from myself so I don't work on them instead of the houses. I am however giving myself permission to flit between the Gammage house and the yet to be named rooming house. I have the goal of finishing the 1st floor of the rooming house, and the stonework of the Gammage house. Oh, and the stone work requires that I add some framing , and the first floor requires a window seat built in and the fireplaces and panels finished.... As I write that I realize it is only partially true .

To commit , this is the end I am working on today. And yes, it is a complete mess! The interior of this end is meant to be very old and rustic- if you will remember, Persis will inhabit the upstairs, and had the balcony built( with private plans to find a way to escape the house unnoticed ) .

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