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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Behavior Analyst and the Dollhouse

I don't think I've disclosed this yet, but I work with students with Autism , and I'm a behavior analyst as well. I also don't know if you are aware that behavior analysts use their own strategies to change their own behavior. All the time! Example, I know that if I show you what I am planning to finish today, it is more likely that I will do it. So today, I will trim the windows in the basement kitchen , outside the kitchen and also the ship captain' room that Althea has converted into her workroom. Remember that this is the room that the sister's father , Josiah Gammage used to let other Shipmasters stay in so that they could avoid the commotion of the usual boardinghouses for sailers waiting for the next voyage.

If I finish that, I can pick a new project. I wonder if Flylady is a behavior analyst. She surely does know how to use antecedent strategies and rule bound behavior. Now I'm being silly!

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