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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Gammage sister dolls - Parian or Stone Bisque?

The dolls I've built my story around - because it is turning into a story as well as a blog documenting progress on the house , are not quite half scale. The tallest is 3 inches, which of course would be a very tall 6 foot person. I bought all of them on Ruby Lane at various times - I've actually got my eye out for some small nieces and nephews , and I would love to find a gentleman who could be Papa's old friend. Some of them were listed as stone bisque , and others Parian. I don't really know much about the time period when they were made . It's time to research them - do you have any information?

Are they ugly? My kids would tell you that they are, without a doubt. Particularly Althea and Julia . They definitely are an acquired taste, and you wonder if little girls really liked them . I suspect that their tiny size made them constant companions for some small grubby hands . Julia looks as though she were kept carefully clean and treated carefully . Don't I wish I really knew their stories!

Althea is just so good natured!

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