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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Creatin Contest 2010

In 2010 the miniature bug hit for good when I got an email from saying that their Creatin Contest house , Lisa's cottage was on sale for around $29.  Which left me about a month to go to get the house ready if I really wanted to enter the contest. The minute I saw the cottage, I knew what I wanted to do- use graphics from a book I'd had as a child. Don't get any ideas, because the copyright of this book is in the 1920's - we bought this book at an estate sale in a mansion in Iowa City Iowa when I was about 5. I also got a very beautiful brooch the size of a dessert plate which was beautiful blue glass! I can't find the brooch, but have had the book for 50 years now. I scanned, cut, pasted, copied, until I had the right components to cover the house in paper. I can still smell all the sealer I used to keep the designs fresh!

If you've ever entered this contest, you know that you are judged by the 4 pictures you send in. I had a major photo shoot!  This is the book with the house. The teddy bear pic did NOT go in! I noticed that the winners from the years before almost always had some kind of background that showed off the house, so in this one, I used a piece of linoleum that looked like the one my grandmother had in her kitchen.

 Then I painted a BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECE of a background on an old piece of paneling. 

 I actually do think the background painting added to the presentation. 

I added a few old pieces of antique furniture, but there was printed furniture inside. 
We combined printed and real in an interesting way. 

And as usual, I could not suspend disbelief, so we added doors, and dormers . But I managed not to add stairs. I'm pretty sure it is the last time I won't add stairs! 

I put a number of images together in the Paint program on my computer to make the doors, gate and railings. Tedious. 

I'm sure I spent as much time on my computer making the paper covering as others did doing everything else! 

As you can see, when I say that I had a major photo shoot, I meant it!  I think I had choose from about 120 pics, with multiple lighting options, from every possible angle and in three different locations in my basement,   to find the four I wanted to send in. The pictures from the book are mostly in the interior. 

The result: we got honorable mention! See the contest results here (and yes, I know , the other ones are amazing!) . 

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