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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Since I wrote the post on suspension of disbelief, and started adding a staircase to the basement of the Gammage House, I've being thinking about a few glaringly obvious inconsistencies. What is a 55 year old woman who has always hated talking animal stories doing collecting and making dolls and miniatures?

2nd - the original thought behind Gammage house was for it to be more like an antique dollhouse than a "to scale" modern miniature. Detailed but only close to the half inch scale- using mostly handmade furnishings and accessories or altering new ones . which is why I am struggling so much on whether or not to electrify in a typical way. Wouldn't it make more sense for me, who has always hated animal stories, to build meticulously realistic scenes , or least aspire to?

I did some work yesterday on the targeted end of the house, but also picked up work on painting Julia's bedroom walls. Painting the walls is a task which has been holding me up, but I've found a solution . All the walls are now removable, so I can finish painting later, but get the interior of the house ready.

This is a picture of the addition to motivate me!

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